On a misty morning on the 18th of February, Glen Cox, John Smith, Warren, John Sibio, John Kruska, John Kingsford, Cain Polidano, myself, and the trip captain, Peter Cogden, departed from the clubrooms bound for a campsite on the floor of the King River Valley for the 2012 Northern Suburbs Fly Fishing Club's 4WD trip. After a largely uneventful trip wishing the weather would hold, and a short pie stop in Mansfield, we started our trek up the tracks of the Mount Buller Alpine Trip.


Stopping shortly to change tire pressure, change into low gearing and chew the fat, we moved off at a decent pace. Travelling well with John Smith, despite his car riding on rims, I was enjoying the scenery until we rounded a corner to a Road Closed sign.

img 0233

A quick detour later and we ended up on a rough track, having a ball rolling through the dips and ruts. Crossing over the King River, we arrived and set up camp.

Myself and Smudger paired up to scout downstream of the camp, hoping to crack on to a fish by midday. We passed another camp, hoping to crack on to a fish by midday. We passed another camp of flyfishers who said that part of the stream had been flogged. A few hours and a couple of expletives later, we had fished our way back to camp, having caught nothing because of the coffee colour of the water from the river crossing.

p1000093After a short bite to eat, we decided to try our luck up-stream. A few fit and encouraging rainbows attacked my fly, but my inexperience only let me land a small one on a Chernobyl ant. 

Smudger had better luck, landing a 28cm Brown, making sure I bore witness to its length.p1000100

Shortly before nightfall, we decided it was beer o'clock and stomped back to camp through the blackberries and horse leavings.
The story from others back at camp seemed to be that the fish in the feeder creeks were a lot more willing, as there was no crossings and none of the riff raff had the sense to fish there. We also realised everyone except for John Kruska and John Sibio were back, and we started worrying before they turned up at 10, Kruska declaring he would cook a roast that would either be “undercooked, overcooked, or just right”. It definitely turned out to be worth the ribbing he copped from the rest of the campers.p1000097

You can read the rest of this report and much more in the March 2012 Newsletter.

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