One Fly Competition

The Club’s annual One Fly Comp traditionally is great day to catch up with members and friends, get in some casting practice and tune up fish catching skills for the coming season.

This year’s One Fly Comp will be held at the Eildon Trout Farm located at 460 Back Eildon Road (see info/map below).  Cost for the day is $35 and includes tea, coffee and bickies, plus a BBQ lunch.  Beer Wine and Soft Drinks will be available for purchase.

The facility opens at 9am and as in past years, we’ll start with the “Fly Draw” at 9:30am sharp, so don’t be late!! There’ll will be prises for; The Heaviest Fish, The Most Fish and the person who tied (or donated) the fly that caught the most fish. Full rules are at the end of this info sheet, but don’t forget the aim of the day is to have fun!


The facility has six dams open to Fly Fly Fishing to try your luck…believe me it’s as easy as it sounds.  The large main is clear body of water with some deeper holes and weed beds that hold mostly rainbow trout in the 1lb to 5lb + class size.  Depending on availability this dam may also be stocked with Golden Trout in the half to 1-2lb class depending on availability from the onsite breeding facility.  A good long cast to the lone willow tree in the middle of the lake may result in you quickly finding the backing on your reel.

To the right of the main dam in the picture below are three smaller ponds that are stocked with Brown and Rainbow trout.  There are some real surprises in these as you can Polaroid some well-conditioned fish cruising the weed or rising to midge and small duns.

Below those ponds is the long rectangular dam that is stocked with Brookys.  They have a reputation as the dumbest trout and an easy target but you’ll have to be on your game to bag one of these.

Below that is the last pond available to guests.  If you’re into self-flagellation, you can try and tangle with some Salmon!


Rules of the Competition

The rules of the competition can be found in the By Laws and Protocols of NSFFC and are as follows;


- Each participant to bring a fly of choice for the competition (wet fly only).

- All flies are allocated a number and a draw is held.

- Participants are in a team of two.

- Teams are drawn by a random ballot.

- Participants get the fly corresponding to the number they draw.

- The fly you draw is the only to be used for the competition.

- Repair of flies by re-tying is prohibited.

- Hooks may be sharpened at any time.

- Should you loose the fly your drew in the ballot you may continue to fish, but any fish caught on any fly other than the initial fly drawn will not count for the comp.

- Only trout count for the competition.


- Most Fish Caught.

- Heaviest Fish.

- Winning Fly (to the person who tied/provided the fly that was used to catch the most fish).

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