So what is fly tying?  Put simply, fly tying is the process of binding various natural and synthetic materials with thread to a hook, in order to create and imitation of an item of prey that the fish you are targeting may be interested in.  Some prefer to call it 'Fly Dressing'.  So a fly can be anything from a tiny insect like a midge to a large bait fish.

Fhand tyingly tying is inextricably linked to fly fishing, and while the history of fly fishing can be traced back to pre-biblical times with Aelianus recording Macedonians catching fish on flies, it isn't until the publication of Treatyse of Fysshynge with an Angle in the middle ages that we see instruction for tying an artificial fly, the work describing a particular pattern for each month of the calendar.

Thankfully we have come along since the 1400's and even further since the turn of the 19th century when flies were tied by hand.


One of the great moments in your fly fishing journey is catching your first fish on a fly you have tied yourself and here at Northern we have the equipment and many experienced fly tiers who are able to get you started.  Whether you want to learn through our formal Beginners Fly Tying Course or just learn while enjoying some friendly banter over a cup of coffee at our fly tying nights.
The beginners fly tying course is a seven week course which will equip you with the ability and knowledge to produce flies to enable you to catch trout (and many other species) using your own creations.groupflytying


The second and fourth Thursdays of the month are Fly Tying nights at the club rooms.  On the second Thursday of the month, the Club invites guest fly tiers demonstrate a particular fly pattern, skill, method, material or tool.  These nights are very informative evening and well attended.


The club encourages demonstrating the skills of our Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced fly tiers with an Annual Fly Tying competition.  Selections of flies are tied by entrants and those are judged by a recognised expert in the field.  Winners are recorded on the Club Fly Tiers honour board and a handsome trophy presented to the winner of each section at the Club's Annual Dinner.












So come along and enjoy the camaraderie of tying a fly or two with members of NSFFC.  If you're interested in reading more about the Treatyse visit Dr Andrew N. Herdís web site is an excellent reference site for the history fly fishing and the 12 flies described in that age old volume.

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