NSFFC 2017 Fly Tying Competition Flies


1.  Pheasant Tail Nymph #12
2.  Red Tag #12
3.  Tyers Choice - #10 - #14 fly to demonstrate you skills


1.  Pheasant Tail Nymph #14
2.  Adams Dry #14
3.  Tyers Choice ~Must be tied on a #14 - #18 hook to demonstrate the tyer's skill


1.  Prince Nymph #16.
2.  Wickhams Fancy Dry #16
3.  Tyers Choice ~ Any Pattern #18 (or smaller!) hook to demonstrate the tyers skill

Fly Tying Competition Rules

  1. Only financial members of the Club are eligible to compete.

  2. Flies are to be handed to the Club President or to someone nominated by him, on or before the night of the Annual General Meeting.

  3. The President will the number each submission and present the numbered lots to the Fly Tying Judge.

  4. The judge will be the Fly Tying Coach, or someone nominated by him.

  5. The Fly Tying Judge will assess the flies and advise the President of the winning submission for each category.

  6. Each competitor must submit one example of each of the three nominated patterns.

  7. If a competitor does not submit the required number of flies, they are not eligible to win.

  8. The nominated patterns will be selected by the Fly Tying Coach for each level of competition and Club members will be notified in the Club newsletter.

  9. There will be 3 levels of competition:

  1. (1) Advanced Fly Tyer. (2) Intermediate Fly Tyer. (3) Novice Fly Tyer.

    (4) Members will remain in the lowest grade until they win that grade or a higher grade. 

(g). The trophies for each of the categories will be presented at the Annual Dinner.

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