Fly fishing is the art of catching fish with an artificial lure, the fly.  It is not the weight of the fly but the weight contained in the fly line and the action of the rod that presents the fly to the fish.

If you've just moved from conventional fishing to fly fishing, welcome to a sport that will frustrate, excite and absorb you for years to come.

There will be those days when it seems that the fish knew you were coming the moment you put your rod in the back of the car and those are the days when you will question your ability and the sport you love.  However, there will be lots of days when the fly is right and you're casting like a world champion. You'll watch as the fish of the day or even a lifetime slowly moves up to take your fly.  Those are the days that reinforce that you are a fly fisher.

Fly fishing will also give you a great understanding and consciousness of your environment and you will find yourself having a closer affinity with nature.  By targeting a specific species and selecting a specific fly, you will find yourself improving your general knowledge of aquatic life and fish behaviour.

This is a sport that that takes time and patience and rewards you with great friendships, beautiful places and great memories.

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